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Luv U Alia Hindi Dubbed Movie 1080p Hd

Luv U Alia: A Romantic Drama with Sunny Leone's Sizzling Item Number

Luv U Alia is a 2015 Kannada romantic drama film written and directed by Indrajit Lankesh. It stars V. Ravichandran, Bhumika Chawla, Chandan Kumar and Sangeetha Chauhan in the lead roles. Sudeep appears in a cameo and Sunny Leone sizzles in an item number Kamakshi which is gaining popularity and is latest hit video of Sunny leone in You Tube. The film was dubbed in Hindi and released in 2016.


The film revolves around the lives of three couples who are facing different challenges in their relationships. Alia (Sangeetha Chauhan) is a young shy college girl who falls in love with Arhaan (Chandan Kumar), the college Casanova, after spending a night with him in a locked car. Kiran (V. Ravichandran) is a successful businessman who is unhappy with his marriage to Bhoomi (Bhumika Chawla), a busy lawyer who neglects him. Sanjay (Sudeep) is a divorce lawyer who helps Kiran and Bhoomi sort out their issues, while dealing with his own failed marriage. Sunny Leone plays Kamakshi, a glamorous dancer who performs at Kiran's birthday party and adds spice to the story.



Luv U Alia is a film that tries to explore the complexities of love and marriage in the modern world. The film has a good star cast and some catchy songs, but suffers from a weak script and poor execution. The film lacks originality and depth, and relies on clichés and melodrama to convey its message. The film also fails to balance the different subplots and characters, and ends up being a confusing and boring affair. The only saving grace of the film is Sunny Leone's item number, which is well-choreographed and shot, and showcases her stunning beauty and charisma.

Where to Watch

If you are interested in watching Luv U Alia hindi dubbed movie 1080p hd, you can find it on YouTube. However, be warned that the video quality is not very good and the subtitles are hard to read. You can also watch the official Hindi trailer of the film on YouTube, which gives you a glimpse of the story and the star cast. Alternatively, you can watch the original Kannada version of the film on Zee5, which has better video quality and subtitles.


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