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Abhinetri 4 Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4

Abhinetri 4 Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4

Abhinetri 4 is the fourth installment of the popular comedy horror film series starring Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah and Sonu Sood. The film is directed by Vijay and produced by Prabhu Deva Studios, Vels Films International and Pooja Entertainment. The film is a sequel to Abhinetri (2016), Abhinetri 2 (2019) and Abhinetri 3 (2021). The film is expected to release in October 2023 in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.


The plot of Abhinetri 4 revolves around Krishna (Prabhu Deva) and Devi (Tamannaah), who are now parents of a young daughter named Rani. Rani inherits the spirit of Ruby, the actress who possessed Devi in the first film. Rani starts to show signs of being a talented dancer and actress, which attracts the attention of Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood), the superstar who was Ruby's lover. Raj wants to cast Rani in his next film, but Krishna and Devi are reluctant to let their daughter enter the film industry. However, Rani secretly auditions for the film and gets selected. Raj also tries to woo Devi, who still has feelings for him due to Ruby's influence. Krishna has to deal with his wife's infidelity, his daughter's ambition and his own insecurities as he tries to save his family from the clutches of Raj and Ruby.

Abhinetri 4 is a highly anticipated film among the fans of the franchise, who are eager to watch the hilarious antics of Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah and Sonu Sood on screen. The film also promises to deliver some thrilling horror scenes and catchy songs composed by Gopi Sundar. The film is expected to be a blockbuster hit at the box office.

If you are looking for Abhinetri 4 full movie download in Hindi mp4, you might be disappointed to know that there is no official source to download or stream the film online legally. The film is not available on any OTT platform or torrent site as of now. The makers of the film have requested the audience to watch the film only in theatres and avoid piracy. Piracy is a crime that affects the livelihood of thousands of people involved in the film industry. It also reduces the quality and experience of watching a film on a big screen. Therefore, we urge you to respect the hard work of the filmmakers and actors and enjoy Abhinetri 4 only in theatres near you.


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