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Tulsa King S01e07

Roxy was a mess. She wasn't the wisest choice for Stacy's informant, but neither Roxy nor Stacy will be known for making good choices. I'm not sure what I would have done in Roxy's place, but she was so far gone by the time Waltrip found her in his office that she was as good as dead anyway.

Tulsa King s01e07

I'd be willing to bet that more than one of his former cohorts will be knocking on his door once they see how Chickie wants to run the family. They're dolts, but they've got a code. Chickie's only code is advancing himself. That doesn't inspire loyalty.

Chickie admits to the Father in his chapel that he feels smothered by his father. Chickie wanted to be in the army and make something of himself but instead was put to work by Pete. He was never allowed to have a normal life and he regrets that lost opportunity. Tina mentions moving away to Emory but he does not take it well. Emory tries to comfort Tina and says that they cannot uproot their life just because Dwight asked them to after making Tina suffer all those years. She agrees and the two find comfort in the promise.

After taking one look at the jacket, Caolan realizes Carson is dead. Carson's girlfriend Roxy (Emily Davis) takes the news a lot harder than Caolan, especially since she is also an informant for the ATF, reporting to Stacy (Andrea Savage).

After hearing about Carson, Stacy confronts Dwight in his hotel room. She asks him if he killed Carson, only for Dwight to ask Stacy if she has been drinking, something that she's been doing more and more recently. Dwight, unsurprisingly, acts like he doesn't know what Stacy is talking about, but she's so livid at him. She tells Dwight he has "f***ed up her life" ever since she met him, before leaving furiously.

Things are about to get much tougher for Stacy, too. Roxy, thinking Caolan is out, breaks into the bar, looking for the computer she'd previously seen him using that detailed how he amassed over $8 million for the Black MacAdam gang. After searching around his office, Roxy finds it, only for Caolan to appear out of nowhere.

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