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Drifting - Enya - REMASTER (10)

Hounds of Love is the fifth studio album by English musician Kate Bush, released on 16 September 1985 by EMI Records.[3] It was a commercial success and marked a return to the public eye for Bush after the relatively low sales of her previous album, 1982's The Dreaming. The album's lead single, "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)", became one of Bush's biggest hits, reaching number 3 in the UK upon release and later giving Bush her second number 1 UK single in June 2022. The album's first side produced three further singles, "Cloudbusting", "Hounds of Love", and "The Big Sky". The second side, subtitled The Ninth Wave, forms a conceptual suite about a woman drifting alone in the sea at night.

Drifting - Enya - REMASTER (10)

This two-hour program melds multiple genres into a cohesive playlist of World, Electronic, Disco, Soul, Indie, Pop and beyond. The Golden Record is inspired by NASA'S 1977 collection of sounds, images and songs that is currently drifting on the Voyager satellites (1 & 2) in interstellar space for some unknown, highly intelligent being to find or intercept and discover its contents; a playlist if you will, made by man, reaching out to the universe for connection. The record includes greetings in 55 languages, whale songs, sounds of nature, Bach, Chuck Berry and folk music from around the world. Made of copper and plated in gold, the records are labeled "The Sounds of Earth" and will last for approximately 1 billion years. 041b061a72


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