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NIBS offers distance learning mechanical engineering courses (degree & diploma) at three levels i.e. undergraduate, graduate & professional. We have specialized structured course for our entire diploma in mechanical engineering distance education that signifies the quality of teaching provided by us.

2560x1600 Mechanical Engineering wallpaper. ide...

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Our mechanical engineering courses offer a wide range of specializations to select from, with multiple chances to contribute to the development of latest technology. To enhance your career potential, NIBS provides multiple correspondence/distance learning mechanical engineering courses such as Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Biomechanics, Design and manufacturing, Theory of machines and many more. Robotics and structural engineering are two of the major career prospects that is offered by mechanical engineering. The programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NIBS are designed to provide background for a variety of career options. The programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NIBS are designed to provide background for a variety of career options.

In the current situation, Mechanical Engineering as a course is a fairly popular option among the students. By offering a distance learning program, NIBS enables individuals, especially working professionals, to benefit from the myriad career opportunities that mechanical engineering brings about. As a learner, you get a chance to learn your own pace and work simultaneously. Choose one from our wide selection of distance learning mechanical engineering courses that you deem would the best for yourself and you will definitely reach great heights in career quickly.

Mechanical engineering is the most preferred engineering course by students. Moreover, doing it via distance learning mode can be highly beneficial as it allows the students to work and study simultaneously. Diploma in mechanical engineering distance education offers the students an opportunity to increase their knowledge as well as proficiency in the field of mechanical engineering. Moreover, this course helps them to deal with the challenges prevailing in engineering sector. After passing this diploma course, a student will be able to pursue career as a certified mechanical engineer as they will be permitted a valid engineering diploma certificate.

Students who aspire to become a Mechanical Engineer but cannot seek admission to a regular degree course due to some or the other reason can definitely go for the bachelor course in mechanical engineering through distance learning mode. It is equivalent to the bachelor courses provided by any regular college or university and the notion that correspondence has no value has been removed long back. Anyone who seeks to build a career as a mechanical engineer can do so via distance learning as every industry is open to mechanical engineers with a valid degree, regardless of the mode of education.

After the bachelors in mechanical engineering are done, most of the aspirants prefer to go for a master degree in the same but due to the job and some other reasons they cannot seek admission to regular college. For such aspiring engineers, a master course in mechanical engineering via correspondence or distance learning is the best way out. With the help of this course, one gains the required skill set to meet the booming market demands of the mechanical engineering sector. Post this, one is able to have a generalized perspective on the work ethics and the challenges lying ahead.

Mechanical engineers play an important role in almost every manufacturing industries. They design, develop, build, and test all sorts of mechanical devices, tools, engines and machines. Mechanical engineering emerged as a field during the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century; however, its development can be traced back several thousands of years around the world. It is perhaps the most diverse of engineering disciplines.It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. 041b061a72


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