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Buy Used Pallet Jack

A pallet jack, of course. Electric and manual pallet jacks are a popular tool used to lift and move pallets of goods that would typically be time consuming, difficult or even impossible to move manually. Pallet jacks are very easy to steer and can easily and quickly lift and move heavy pallets. Also known as a pallet truck, pallet lifter, lift truck, hand jack, pallet mover or hand lift truck (among others), pallet jacks are not only back savers, but can be major time savers as well.

buy used pallet jack

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The PowerPallet 2000 offers a complete drive package that is pre-installed onto a quality manual pallet jack, converting the manual jack into a very powerful, yet ultra-compact, motorized pallet jack.

This machine is not just another walkie. Simply put, the PowerPallet 2000 can greatly improve both the productivity and ergonomics of your operation, while still maintaining all the flexibility afforded by a manual jack. The compact, powerful and feature-rich PPR-2000 provides an excellent user experience, while also looking exceptionally good on your bottom line.

The patented design of the PowerPallet 2000 locates the drive wheel within a spring loaded drive arm. So a max of 350 lbs is borne by the drive wheel (enough load transfer for reliable traction), while all additional weight is borne by the steering wheels of the jack.

A manual pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, is a tool used to lift and move pallets. Manual pallet jacks are the most basic form of forklifts and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse. There are many advantages to having a manual pallet jack such as:

At American Surplus, we stock used pallet jacks from a number of popular manufacturers including Crown, Mobile Pallet Jacks, U-Line, Little Mule, and more! No two pallet jacks are alike, and our passion is making sure every customer has the exact right tools for their application. Whether you are looking for longer forks, pallet jack scales, high-capacity pallet jacks, or anything in-between, we can get you the perfect tool for the job at the perfect price, every time. And with quantity discounts available on select products, you can save even more! So do not delay; call our office at (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online today to see the difference American Surplus can make for you AND your wallet!

EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used pallet jacks and various other preowned equipment. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used pallet jacks from a number of respected OEMs, including Bishamon, Jungheinrich, Crown, and more. Our inventory of used pallet jacks includes hand pallet trucks, stainless steel pallet trucks, scissor action lifting trucks, and many more. If you do not see the used pallet jack you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you. We can also source the right tooling and change parts that you need through our huge network of corporate clients from around the globe.

Mid-Florida Material Handling is the leading supplier of forklifts, mezzanines, pallet rack and more in Central Florida. Please contact us today to see how we can solve your material handling problems!

Hand pallet jacks -also called manual pallet jacks- are perhaps the most basic form of material handling equipment. They are by far the most common type of equipment used to move pallets. Practically every industry on earth uses hand pallet jacks and millions of pallets are estimated to be in use at any given moment. The next time you go to a grocery or retail store you will probably see an employee using a pallet jack to move inventory from the storage room to the shelves.Versatility is the primary reason hand pallet jacks are so useful:

Often, the logo you see on the pallet jack did not produce the pallet jack itself. Instead, a material handling company will slap its logo on the jack to hide its original manufacturer. This is done because these companies source their jacks from super cheap, low-quality vendors, then jack up the price using slick marketing terms. If you have ever bought a pallet jack from certain high-profile material handling websites, you probably have gotten their cheap, substandard equipment that needs replacing after a year or so. We get calls every day from customers having to replace their pallet jacks way too early.

Hello,This is very informative. Can you suggest the easiest/safest way to get a pallet off of a pallet jack that is stuck? This happens every so often and we just want to make sure we can disengage it the safest way possible.Thank you!

It may depend on why and how the pallet is getting stuck. It is very common to find a fixed object to secure the skid to and then pull the pallet jack away as the skid stays in place and separated from the pallet jack. If the pallets are getting stuck regularly they may not have the right pallet jack or using it properly. It is important to ensure the right equipment is being used and used properly.

Raymond offers a full line of durable pallet trucks for sale and pallet jack rentals to meet your delivery, order picking, and horizontal transport needs. Whether you're looking for a rider pallet jack or a walkie powered pallet jack, our trucks are designed to withstand the harshest applications, year after year.

The Raymond 8510 rider pallet jack delivers outstanding operator comfort and control and optimum performance for heavy-duty order picking applications and long distance horizontal transport tasks. And, with advanced engineering and the ACR System, it also uses less energy for a lower cost of operation.

Ideal for long hauls and congested work areas, the Raymond 8910 features a roomy, operator compartment for enhanced comfort and security. The pallet truck features intuitive, easy-to-use controls, and offers exceptional maneuverability with low-effort electric steering and electronic braking.

We buy and sell used pallet rack, warehouse rack, steel shelving, lockers, conveyor, steel cabinets, bins & totes, and most material handling equipment. Used pallet rack is generally 40% cheaper than new racking, but just as good. We stock structural, Interlake, Ridg-U-Rack, Republic, New Style Interlake, Mecalux, Unarco, Hi-Line, Penco, Sturdi-Built, and both new and used cantilever rack. Our used rack stock changes daily, so call us at 1-800-826-5326 or email us at

A&A Surplus Inc. routinely buys the best rack beams & uprights by the thousands, and keeps complete pallet rack systems in stock to fit your needs. A&A Surplus Inc. stocks popular rack brands like Interlake, Frazier, Republic, Sturdi, Unarco, Ridge U-Rak, Hi-Line, Speedrack rack systems.

From a small warehouse to a major high-rise distribution center, A&A Surplus Inc. is the trusted one-stop-shop for companies nationwide, supplying much of the new, second hand/used and refurbished warehouse pallet racks, heavy duty racking, cantilever racks, wire mesh decks, and other material handling equipment that other dealers sell. Our team of pallet rack Experts is here to assist you in making the right decision for your industrial warehouse racking applications.

Refurbished pallet jacks are a cost-effective solution for many customers. These days, companies are trying to achieve the best profit margins they possibly can. Therefore it makes sense to buy good quality, refurbished used pallet jacks and save money.

LA Equpment Services has years of experience in finding used pallet jacks that are still in excellent condition. Some used pallet jacks need no refurbishing at all, while other used pallet jacks are refurbished with minor repairs, a thorough cleaning, and a coat of fresh paint.

A pallet jack is a piece of material handling equipment used to move heavy loads. A pallet jack is a mechanical device that moves heavy loads by rolling on wheels. This equipment can be found in warehouses, factories, and construction sites.

Pallet jacks are very useful in the warehouse environment because they can be maneuvered over uneven surfaces and around obstacles like forklifts and other machinery. They are also popular with construction companies because they provide a safer way for workers to lift heavy objects off the ground without the risk of injury from lifting it manually with their hands or using a crane.

Do you want to sell forklifts? Lisman Forklifts is happy to buy your used forklifts and redundant material handling equipment. As a professional forklift buyer we buy forklifts in any condition and of any make or brand. Let us make you an offer today!

Pallet racks improve the efficiency of warehouse operations by enabling more effective use of available space. Warehouse pallet racking helps warehouse managers make better use of vertical space because they can store materials on high shelves without risk. Pallet racking also makes warehouses neater, which improves efficiency and helps to prevent misplaced goods. Consistent use of racks for storage increases pick and put away time and improves the flexibility of existing space.

Some warehouse operations have used pallet racking for sale. They may sell used pallet racks when they reduce space or close a warehouse. However, it is not a good idea to buy used pallet racking directly from the warehouse, because you cannot be sure of quality and fair pricing.

Rust reduces the strength and utility of pallet racking. If there is even a little bit of rust, it is likely to spread. This not only reduces the appearance of your warehouse pallet racking, it can damage the structural integrity.

Used pallet racks, also known as steel racks, warehouse racks, and industrial storage racks, are a common sight in any warehouse or storage setting because, as their name suggests, they are used for storing pallets loaded with products. There are a number of different styles of pallet racks. Both new and used pallet rack systems come in many different sizes and capacities so that they can accommodate a wide range of pallet sizes and load weights. 041b061a72


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