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Navigation Bar APK: A Smart Way to Use Your Phone with Ease

Navigation Bar Back Home Recent Button is a helpful utility tool that can save your controls when your android device buttons are broken. Developed by Wormhole Space, it is also a handy replacement for the navigation bar panel if it is not functioning as it should. The app is customizable with colors and several other feature options, allowing you to recognize it from your native navigational tools.

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It is completely free to download officially from the Google Play Store and other third-party hosting sites. You only have to make sure that it's secured and reliable. This could be an impressive alternative to Soft Keys and EasyTouch.

As mentioned, this navigation bar from Wormhole Space can serve as your assistive touch in an Android device if its original buttons failed to function. Many of the features that this utility offers can are highly customizable. For instance, you can automatically hide it after the certain time duration you set. Apart from buttons and background colors, you can also personalize the height size of your navigation bar.

Furthermore, it presents various options that allow you to lock or hide the navigation bar when the keyboard appears. Moreover, it enables you to adjust its swipe-up sensitivity and position in landscape mode. You can also set it to vibrate on touch. All-in-all, there are 15 themes available for you to utilize. If you purchase its premium service, you'll be able to limit the area of the minimized navigation bar.

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Navigation Bar Back Home Recent Button will be a helpful addition to your smartphone utilities, especially if your device's buttons aren't functioning well. It will be a powerful alternative for your defective buttons as it provides an impressive navigation bar that you can tailor to your liking. Furthermore, you can design it elegantly with the colors and themes it provides.

Assign this property to a custom function which will be called when someone performs the "escape" gesture, which is a two finger Z shaped gesture. An escape function should move back hierarchically in the user interface. This can mean moving up or back in a navigation hierarchy or dismissing a modal user interface. If the selected element does not have an onAccessibilityEscape function, the system will attempt to traverse up the view hierarchy until it finds a view that does or bonk to indicate it was unable to find one.

However, frankly speaking, dogusumit, its developer, has long been recommending the Soft Keys 2 more to its users as it is enhanced as well as offers further customizable settings. For instance, the position of the navigation bar here can be seamlessly moved in any part of your screen whether up, down, left, or right. Extra icon themes are available for you to freely choose from.

Soft Keys is a sufficient alternative for the broken navigation bar of your smartphone or tablet. This way you can optionally utilize the keys flashed on your screen in order to effectively operate some tasks on your device. If you value your disk space over additional personalization settings then, this small program will satisfy you already. Otherwise, Soft Keys 2 is more suitable for you to install.


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